The MónaShell® biofiltration system is a proven and cost-effective alternative to chemical scrubbing or carbon adsorption, designed like a biotrickling system yet incorporating many benefits of traditional biofilters.

The shell-based media is sustainable and renewable with the ability to maintain a neutral pH within the biofilter. This ensures optimal odour performance across a broad range of odour producing compounds, while simplifying operation and enhancing system reliability.

Control of odour-causing compounds emitted from wastewater and industrial treatment processes has become a growing area of concern.

As populations grow and housing encroaches on once-remote treatment facilities, the importance of effective, yet simple odour control technology will continue to increase.
In addition, odourous compounds can be corrosive to equipment requiring ventilation to extend equipment life and reduce capital replacement expenditure.


MónaShell® Biofiltration Benefits

Over other biofilters:

  • Treats high and variable concentrations of H2S and a broader range of organic sulfides.
  • Up to 67% footprint reduction compared to conventional biofilters due to higher efficiencies, reduced contact time, and deeper filter bed.
  • No short circuiting or channeling through media.
  • High porosity, low pressure drop
  • Lower water consumption: water recirculation conserves H2O.
  • No nutrient addition

Over carbon and wet scrubbers:

  • Low pressure drop, low energy costs.
  • Lower media replacement costs.
  • Eliminates need for chemicals.
  • Sustainable process uses naturally occurring media
  • Effective on highly variable inlet conditions.
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs.

MónaShell® Applications:

Since 1994, more than 600 installations have benefited from our proprietary, worldwide-patented, clean air technologies for:

  • Wastewater pumping stations
  • Wastewater treatment works
  • Municipal solid waste and composting facilities
  • Sludge-handling and treatment processes
  • Industrial facilities
  • Treatment of airflows ranging from 50 m3/hr to 500,000 m3/hr

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