Mónasorb – Carbon Filter Units

Control of hydrogen sulfide and VOCs is a concern in many wastewater treatment, composting and industrial plants.

Hydrogen sulfide, and many VOC’s, create odours, are corrosive, cause air pollution and are detrimental to health.

Mónasorb is a range of Carbon Filter systems that uses activated carbon, impregnated carbon as a capture and support medium, offering excellent removal efficiencies for odours, VOC’s, sulfur and nitrogen-based compounds.

Our Carbon Units may be used as a standalone filter or as a polishing filter for a Mónashell OCU’s for even greater levels of treatment.


Mónasorb Carbon Filter Range

  • Deep Bed Filters [Skid Mounted Optional]

  • Radial/Annular Filters [Skid Mounted Optional]

  • Dual Deep Bed filters [Skid Mounted Optional]


Technical Data Sheet

Treatment Details and Product Selection Considerations