Anua Clean Air International offers proven, patented clean air bio-technologies,which provide best-in-class process performance with the lowest utility and life cycle costs.

Anua Clean Air International manufactures and installs Mónafil, Mónashell and CrumRubber biofiltation systems. These are patented proven systems for the treatment of municipal and industrial odour and VOC air emissions.

We have tested and proven installations right across the globe with proven capabilities in air purification and odour abatement in a wide variety of sectors:

Wastewater Treatment Industry

  • Wastewater Pumping Stations

  • Wastewater Inlet Works

  • Solid Waste Handling,‭ ‬Treatment
    and Storage Processes

Food/Agri Industry

  • Animal By-products Processes

  • Industrial Effluent Treatment

Municipal Solid Waste

  • Green Waste and MSW Composting

  • Mechanical and Biological Treatment

  • Aerobic Treatment Centres

Pharmaceutical/Petro Chemical/
Printing‭ & ‬Coating/Other Industries

  • Industrial Process Emissions

  • Industrial Effluent Treatment

Mónashell EBF has also been used in the following industries:

  • Semi-conductors

  • Aircraft Maintenance

  • Metal Coating

  • Geotextiles

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