Media Replacement

Media life within a Bio-filter can vary from system to system and mainly depends on the the Loading on the Inlet Air Stream and the correct operation and maintenance. Eventually, however the media will need to be replaced to ensure optium treatment and plant operation efficiencies.

Working with select partners, we offer a turnkey service to clients, where we will:

  • Carry-out a site survey, where necessary
  • Prepare RAMS Documentation
  • Evacuate the spent media using a Disab
  • Wash-out the Biofilter housing if required
  • Supply and deliver replacement media
  • Install the new media
  • Remove and dispose of the spent media to a licensed facility
  • Recommission the Bio-filter
  • Provide a Commissioning Report for the Client.

Replacement Media Available Ex Stock:
[Optimum Selection By Process Design]

  • MónaFil® – Fraction 1 – 10mm – 20mm
  • MónaFil® – Fraction 2 – 5mm – 10mm
  • MónaShell® – Various Grades and Densities
  • CrumRubber™
  • Activated Carbon

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